An Unbiased View of Rescuing A Dog Vid

let's just take the example of the family members with three kids → tomemos el ejemplo de una familia con tres hijos

4. To complete (an action or even a Participate in within a video game) all over again when the initial general performance has been discounted or is under dispute.

choose a little something over get control of, just take command of, suppose control of, arrive at energy in, turn out to be chief of They took more than Rwanda below a League of countries mandate.

set apart, assign, specify - pick out some thing or someone for a selected purpose; "The Trainer assigned him to lead his classmates in the exercising"

choose - take on a certain sort, attribute, or facet; "His voice took on a tragic tone"; "The story took a completely new flip"; "he adopted an air of superiority"; "She assumed Bizarre manners"; "The gods believe human or animal kind in these fables"

go ahead and take drop/strike Slang To incur blame or censure, both willingly or unwillingly: a senior Formal who took the autumn to the failed intelligence operation.

I tend not to get any fulfillment in recognizing that → no experimento satisfacción alguna sabiendo que ...

He took down the small print in his notebook → Il a pris tous les détails dans son carnet., Il a noté tous les détails dans son carnet.

get - engage for services less than a expression of deal; "We took an condominium with a silent Avenue"; "Let us lease a car or truck"; "Lets have a manual in Rome?"

acquire - presume, as of positions or roles; "She took The work as director of growth"; "he occupies the placement of manager"; "the younger prince will shortly occupy the throne"

= invest in, lease esp Brit → nehmen; (= invest in frequently) newspaper etc → immer nehmen or kaufen; their explanation (on subscription) → beziehen, bekommen; I’ll have resource a pound of apples → ich nehme ein Pfund Äpfel; I feel I’ll take the steak → ich glaube, ich nehme das Steak

he has to work weekends but normally takes time without work in lieu → tiene que trabajar los fines de semana pero le dan días libres a cambio

settle for, just take, have - obtain willingly anything provided or available; "The one Lady who would have him was the miller's daughter"; "I will never have this Doggy in my house!"; "Make sure [source] you accept my existing"

what's your tackle The brand new federal government? → ¿qué piensas de or qué opinión te merece el nuevo gobierno?

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